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Lower your Medical Expenses with

Affordable Health Plans
• Guaranteed Coverage
• Pre-Existing Conditions accepted

Shop Rates for Term Policies & More:

• $13.70/mo.
• $57.42/mo.
• Premium Return available.
Payday Loan Consolidation

Pay down Principal at 0%APR
• Prevent Auto-Drafts
• Eliminate Renewal Fees
• Save 50%-80% a month
Student Loan Restructuring

Reduce payments by up to 80%

• Avoid Garnishments.
• 90 Day Deferment.
• Loan Forgiveness**.
Credit Card Debt

Lower Interest Rates or Settle for Less

• We deal with Creditors
• You save Thousands
• No Advance Fees

"Your agent was great. He answered my questions, explained my options and made me feel fully informed of all my options before making my decision." - Don D.